to the Coburg Greeters

Spend time with a local!

What is a Greet?

Greets are walks with volunteer locals. Greeters show you the city from their own personal point of view. In contrast to an official city tour, you will discover not only the well-known sights, but also the small peculiarities that make up life in Coburg.

You will be privy to personal stories, anecdotes and tips, for example, on where to get the best bratwurst.

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Greeter core values


Greeters are volunteers, a freindly face and contact for those visiting a city / destination.

Free of Charge

The walk with a Greeter is free of charge.

Small Groups

Greeters welcome individuals or small groups of up to six friends. The dialogue between Greeter and guest is our focus.

For Everyone

All guests and volunteers are welcome, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, gender etc.


Greeters support sustainable tourism. We respect natural and man-made environments, bringing both cultural and economical enrichment to our local communities. Greeters aim for a lasting positive impression of our cities.

Cultural Exchange

We offer Greeters and guests the opportunity for cultural exchange: to create links between people and cultures. This person-to-person contact helps build a better understanding across the globe.

About Coburg

Coburg is a Franconian city with 41,000 inhabitants in northern Bavaria on the border with Thuringia. It has an exceptionally well-preserved old town with one of the most beautiful market squares in Germany. Above it, on a hill, is enthroned the Veste Coburg, one of the largest castle complexes in Germany, where Martin Luther stayed in 1530. The idyllic courtyard garden connects the Veste with the palace square, which is adjacent to the Ehrenburg Palace and the State Theater.

Rosenau Castle near Coburg is also the birthplace of Prince Albert, who married his British cousin Queen Victoria in 1840. Her mother was also from Coburg. In addition to Ehrenburg Castle and Rosenau Castle, there is also Callenberg Castle and many other castles in the Coburg area. But that is only a fraction of what Coburg has to offer in terms of architecture and culture. Thanks to connection to the German high-speed rail network, Coburg can be easily reached by train in 2.5 hours from Berlin and 2 1/4 hours from Munich.


Information Evening

On April 5th at 6 p.m. in the hall in the Hexenturm there will be an information event about the Coburg Greeters. We hope that…

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