The Idea of the Greeter Program

The Greeter concept (stemming from the idea “to greet” someone) was created by New Yorker Lyn Brooks. In 1992 New York was facing difficult times and Lynn wanted to change the city’s image: 

I want other people to understand New York the way I do. I want them to experience the city the way I do. And all I need to do is invite visitors to spend some time with me or any inhabitant of New York – to show them the hidden and beautiful life in this city.

We will show them the deli where we get our sweets, tell them about the nice music events in smaller theaters, tell them how to get around, tell them about our lives.

Her idea was a success and has grown into an international movement with 100+ Greeter programs belonging to the International Greeter Association. In Germany alone we have a growing number of Greeter cities: German Greeters.

Frequent Questions

What is a Greet?

A Greet is a walk, lead by a volunteer, that lasts between two to three hours. There are no strict rules about what a Greet should look like. Every Greet will be arranged according to the interests and mood of the Greeter and the interests of the guests.

How do you find a Greeter for me?

When you register for Greet on our website, we ask you to provide some basic information: age, size of group (max. 6 people), desired date, language preference, interests etc. Based on this information we try to find the best possible Greeter for you. Once a volunteer Greeter confirms your request, we send you the necessary contact information. Then it is up to you to make contact with your Greeter. In case we cannot find a Greeter for you, we will send you a cancellation.

How much does a Greet cost?

A greet is free of charge. Greeters are volunteers who enjoy meeting new people and sharing their love of their city. If you wish to show your appreciation, we gladly welcome charitable donations.

When should I request a Greet?

Ideally you should request your Greet a couple of days before your arrival. The earlier you send your request and desired dates, the greater the chances we will find you a suitable Greeter.

How do I contact my Greeter?

As soon as we have found a suitable Greeter, you will receive via email your Greeter’s name and contact details so that you can make arrangements for the Greet date, time and place of meeting. From that moment on, guest and Greeter are on their own.

How many people take part in my Greet?

All of our Greeters are volunteers and follow the Greeter goal of “come as a guest, leave as a friend.” In order to accomplish this we limit the group size to a maximum of 6 people who already know each other.

List of German Greeter Destinations