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Thank you for your donation

Coburg Greeters e.V. is a free service offered by volunteers. Our volunteers are not paid for their work. Tips are also not accepted. However, your donation helps fund the website, account management and promotional materials, allowing us to spread the word about the Greeter idea!

Transfer your donation to the following bank account:

IBAN: DE22 7836 0000 0001 3575 22
VR-Bank Coburg

Become a Greeter!

Do you live in Coburg?
Do you love Coburg and know your way around here?
Would you like to meet people from all over the world and show them your hometown?
Perhaps your native language is not German or are you able to express yourself well in foreign languages?
Would you like to volunteer for Coburg?
Do you accept the Greeter core values ​​as the basis for your work?
Would you like to become a greeter and strengthen our team?

That is great! Just email us at

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